Greetings Vacationers - New for the 2004 Season

Welcome to Planet Surfside and the beach. For this season we've made additional changes to the Beach House for your vacation pleasure. We use this beach house a number of times during the off season so we don't treat it like a rental property with the bare necessities. As you can see over the years we keep on adding the goodies - so you benefit from our need to be pampered.

Michael & Donna Anderson & Family

Flat Screen TV's

We added one to our bedroom in Virginia and just loved the picture and the clarity. So we replaced all 5 tv's in the bedroom with this new flat screen technology.


Even though we're usually down here relaxing, I like to stay in touch with the outside world. Emails and web surfing, currently we only offer a dial up connection (I think nex t year we're going to splurge on a cable modem), I wanted to have the flexibilty not to be stuck in the kitchen with the rest of the tribe. So we added an Airport Station, (originally setup for us Mac users) but can be accessed by anyone who has a laptop with WIFI accessiblity. Pretty cool as now you can sit on the deck in the early evening and check out your email from all those poor folks at work while you listen to the ocean.

Nintendo Game Cube

Although we still offer the Sony Play Station One - we've added at Nintendo Game Cube to keep the kids entertained on those rainy days (seldom at the beach) and out of your hair while your trying to make dinner. Both games are located in the bunk bed room. Unforturnately, since all the games we provided disappeared during the summer, you have to supply your own games. We understand that rentals are available at Blockbuster 650-3624.

New Carpeting

New carpet through out the house to keep the beach house looking good and your toesies confortable after a tough day on the beach.

New Landscaping

We had the front yard sodded with Bermuda grass and added tropical Hibuscus and Oleander around the front.


Added a new combo DVD / VCR player that plays thru the TV's surround sound system.

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